Thursday, October 17, 2013

Update 7

In my last post, my Pokemon and I had just made it past the Snorlax roadblock and continued on the path toward the next gym. The road to Cyllage City Gym was full of surprises.

After making it past the Snorlax, I was introduced to the Battle Chateau -- a facility where trainers with titles of nobility may battle with others of the same standing. I was granted a title and my Pokemon and I trained there for a little bit.

While battling at the Battle Chateau, Pidgey, Riolu, and Charmander evolved. 

My Pokemon and I decided that we should head on to the next Gym. The most direct route was blocked by rocks, however, so we had to take a detour through Ambrette Town.

On the way, Professor Sycamore's two senior trainers stopped me and upgraded my Pokedex so that it could collect and display information on Coastal Kalos Pokemon.

Once in Ambrette Town, I heard rumors that the nearby Glittering Cave contained secrets relating to the mysterious Mega Evolution. My Pokemon and I decided that we couldn't miss this opportunity to investigate, and made the short trek to the cave atop a Rhyhorn.

Inside, we were dazzled by glittering crystals and glowing moss, but even stranger things lay deeper within. A group of people who called themselves Team Flare were in the caves searching for Pokemon fossils to sell, and didn't take to kindly to my intrusion. 

My Pokemon and I battled our way through the cave, and found a researcher studying Pokemon fossils.  He said that he had just found two fossils that he already had, and that I may pick one of them. I chose the Jaw fossil, and he explained the fossil could be restored and turned into the Pokemon Tyrunt. I followed him back to his lab, and welcomed my new Tyrunt back into the world.

After that, I traveled through the Ambrette Town Aquarium and on to Cyllage City. I decided to stop at the famous Cyllage City Bicyle Shop before going to the Gym, and I am sure glad that I did. I was the ten-thousand-and-first customer, and only had to answer a quiz in order to win a free bike. I answered the question correctly and won a bright yellow bicycle.

After thanking them for the bike, I rode it over to the gym, where I battled and climbed my way up to the gym leader. 

How does my battle go against the gym leader?

Find out in the next update!

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