Saturday, October 12, 2013

Update 3

The last time I posted, I had just gotten my new partner, Froakie. Since then, I have had some exciting adventures!

Here is a picture of Froakie's first battle! After receiving Froakie, I was challenged to a battle. I battled against Shauna, who chose Fennekin as their partner. Froakie won the battle with ease.

After the battle, I walked back to my house to tell my mom that I was leaving for a journey across the Kalos region. She seemed completely unphased by the fact that her only child would be traveling across the region that they just moved to alone. I had a feeling she hit her head too hard in that last Rhyhorn race.

I decided to travel to Santalune Ctiy next, where I could challenge the first gym. On the way, Froakie and I caught our first new friend, a Pidgey that appeared while we where walking through the tall grass. We traveled through the forest, where we met another new friend -- a Pikachu who decided to journey with us.

When I finally arrived at Santalune City, I stopped at the Pokemon Center to heal up my Pokemon. Then, my Pokemon and I relaxed on a bench with a view of the towns famous Roselia Fountain. After resting for a bit, we headed for the Santalune City Gym.

I knew from the moment we entered the building that the place would be crawling with Bug Types. After working my way across the giant spiderweb that made up the gym's floor, Froakie and I challenged Gym Leader Viola to a battle!

What Pokemon does Viola use? How do my Pokemon and I fair in the battle? 

Find out in the next update!

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  1. Hi im a pokemon trainer and my first partner was chespin on pk y i was hoping we could battle or trade maybe even become friends in the game.