Saturday, October 12, 2013

Update 2

After months of waiting, Pokemon X and Y have finally come out! I got Pokemon X, and started my journey through the Kalos region today.

First, I will show you guys some pictures of the box and start screens.

Here is the first part of my journey:

     I woke up in the morning, ready for a day of Pokemon adventures on my Pikachu 3DS. Little did I know, however, that real Pokemon adventures were waiting when I stepped outside my door.

     My neighbors informed me that the local Pokemon professor had selected me and four other local kids for a special assignment: collecting Pokemon data on a journey across the Kalos region. I met up with them in the next town, where one of my new friends showed me the package that the Professor had sent. It contained three Pokemon, and one of them was for me. 

I chose the Water Type Pokemon Froakie to be my partner on this adventure.

In the next post, find out what my new partner Froakie and I do next!

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