Sunday, October 13, 2013

Update 4

When I last posted, Froakie and I had challenged Gym Leader Viola to a battle.

She used a Lv. 10 Surskit and a Lv. 12 Vivillon. My team of three and I battled hard, and came out the victors in the end. Gym Leader Viola presented us with a shining Bug badge as proof of our victory.

I decided to head out to Lumiose City next, and was met on the way by two of the Professor's older trainers whom he had sent on the same journey that I was now on two years ago. They informed me that the Professor wanted to meet me at his lab.

There I was ushered to the third floor of the building, and formally introduced to Professor Augustine Sycamore, the lead Pokemon researcher in the Kalos region and the man who had sent me on this journey.

The Professor challenged me to a battle, and called out his Pokemon -- the three starters of the Kanto region. My Pokemon and I battled him there in his lab, and won.

After the battle, Professor Sycamore announced that I may choose one of his Pokemon to travel with me on my journey. I selected the Fire Type Pokemon Charmander. 

The Professor then gave me a special item for my new Pokemon: the Charizardite X.

Professor Sycamore tasked me with solving the mystery of the Kalos region's biggest Pokemon mystery: the secret of Mega evolution.

The Professor bid my Pokemon and I farewell, and we went back down to the lobby of the building, where a mysterious man was waiting. He introduced himself as Lysandre, chatted politely for a bit, and then took his leave.

My neighbor, Caleb, invited me to meet his at the cafe down the street. When I arrived, Lysandre was also there, along with a woman I found out later to be a famous movie star. Lysandre was saying some very strange things, speaking as if he were on some type of quest. I didn't trust him.

 After Lysandre left, Caleb issued a challenge. We were to compete against each other to see who would become the better trainer on our journeys. He said goodbye shortly after that so that he could go and train.

After that, I backtracked a little to Route 22 outside of Santalune City because I had heard rumors that Riolu roamed wild there. After searching for what seemed like an eternity, Froakie and I finally found one. We caught the Riolu, and after the battle, Froaike evolved into Frogadier!

What will my newly evolved Frogadier and I do next?

Find out in the next update!

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