Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update 6

The last time I posted, my Froakie had just evolved into a Frogadier, and I worked on training and maxing out its base stats. After that, I decided to continue on to the next town.

It had a quaint little castle, and a charming inn, but unfortunately, no gym. I decided that it was time to move on, but I met a roadblock. 

There was a sleeping Snorlax blocking my path. The locals who had gathered there told me that a Pokeflute was needed to wake the behemoth. I was asked to go and retrieve the relic from Parfum Palace.

The palace was magnificent. The halls were gilded in gold, and marble lined the floors. As I walked through the entrance, there was a man in a complete panic. His Furfrou had run away, and he couldn't find it. I helped in the search, and with the help of one of my neighbors, found it and returned it to the owner. 

He was quite thankful. It turned out that he was in charge of the palace, and as thanks, allowed me to borrow the Pokeflute to wake the Snorlax, but not before a magnificent fireworks display.

I returned with the Pokeflute to where the locals had gathered around the Snorlax, and one of them played the flute and woke it. The Snorlax left, and the path was clear.

Where will this path take my Pokemon and I?

Find out in the next post!

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  1. Hi just want to know if you would like to battle or trade or just be friends you know in the game wise if that ok:)

    1. Sure! Join the USGamersList Forums and send me a private message so we can exchange friend codes. My username is Scribbler397.

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