Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Pokemon - Litleo and Pyroar

The new Pokemon Litleo is a very cute little Fire and normal type Pokemon. 

(Image from the official Pokemon X and Y website.)

Litleo honestly reminds me of Shinx, released in generation four. However, I might have a hard time finding a spot for this Pokemon on my team. Fennekin is adorable, and if I don't choose Fennekin as my Kalos starter, then I am choosing Charmander as the Kanto starter. There are also Fletchling and Talonflame to consider as well. Decisions, decisions.

Back to Litleo though. Litleo evolves into Pyroar, which has different male and female appearances. 

Male Pyroar(Image from the official Pokemon X and Y website.)
Female Pyroar(Image from the official Pokemon X and Y website.)

The male Pyroar has an impressive mane, although one must wonder how it can hear anything with all of that fur covering its ears. Female Pyroar's mane reminds me of a ponytail, which is probably what they were going for. If I do use this Pokemon on my team, I think that I will catch a male Litleo to evolve into Pyroar, because I prefer the appearance of the male Pyroar's mane.

What do you think? Would you choose the male or female Pyroar?

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